• LADR Protocol (Pronounced Ladder) or Laser Assisted Decompression Traction Rehabilitation  
  • LADR Protocol for treatment of pain and inflammation from:   
  • Low Back or Neck Pain
  • Herniated & Prolapsed Disc
  • Bulging Disc
  • Stenosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Failed or previous back surgery
  • Degenerative Facet Disease
  • Radiculopathy - Pain or weakness down a leg or arm



We offer Free* Seminars and Talks to explain and demonstrate the revolutionary LADR Protocol (pronounced ladder). Find out if Non-Surgical Laser Assisted Decompression Traction Rehabilitation is the solution you have been looking for all along. Call today (256) 539-1000 and book your Free Seminar Talk.  

Next comes the through History and Examination. We promise to really listen to you and be honest with you. We strive to find the underlying cause of your pain and weakness. Then we sit down with you and go over all we found and our recommendations with all the cost spelled out. No surprises.  If we can help you, we will accept you as a patient if not then we will try to recommend some one that can,
​Fair Enough 

Using the LADR Protocol we treat the root cause of your problem not just the symptoms. Current research tells us that nearly all back pain is caused by just two things: compression of the neural structures and chemical radiculitis. Our non-surgical LADR Protocol treats both. Even thought results vary patient to patient we have been very impressed with the results.  

Alabama Laser Spine offers you a Free* MRI, Cat Scan, or X-ray imaging analysis to determine if you're a candidate for the LADR Protocol, Laser Assisted Decompression Traction Rehabilitation. Don't have your films contact us anyway and we will help you get them or get new ones if you need them. Call today for your Free Consultation. (256) 539-1000  


Free* Seminar/Talk

Examination and Report of Findings



Our Professional staff includes 3 Doctors. 

Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP
Dr. Justin Walbom, DC

​Dr. Eric Hayes, DC Kinesiologist 

We do not accept pain management patients seeking drug therapy.   


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Free* All other services at regular fees. Some people or insurance not allowed to receive free services if that is your case then then this does not apply to you. 

Results Vary from patient to patient. 

“First let me say that Dr. Millar was very upfront and honest with us about my condition and what they could do to help. They. delivered everything they promised and more. No Pain. They have a wonderful staff at Alabama Laser Spine, very caring and kind"  

     Nancy Byers - Madison

"What a difference. I had terrible back pain every day it affected everything in my life, from sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping, to my business, my family and even going to church.  After my laser treatment, I have NO PAIN. I am off all pain meds. I highly recommend Alabama Laser Spine. They have given me my life back."    Kevin Freeman - Huntsville

Our patient satisfaction levels are very high!


 Pain Relief Without Surgery                                                                                                                                       (256) 539-1000